What Lurks Inside?

Sep 27, 2018

Does that sound a little dramatic?  A bit horror movie like? If so, then Ive suceeded in gaining your attention. Stay with me as we expose what the effects are of thickeners , fillers and additives are having on your body.

First of all Protein powder is a great, tasty , quick and easy way to help you meet your nutritional protein needs for the day. After a workout, before a workout or lunch on the run by adding some fruit and greens.  Although there is no shortage of protein powder brands , do you often find yourself struggling with bloating, gas, cramps, nausea and other digestive symptoms after consuming what you think is healthy? If the answer is YES then come along as we delve into why.

Thickeners, fillers, additives and emulsifiers are classified separately but overlap in functionality.

The ingredients can be cost-cutting methods that manufacturers may use to bulk up the protein powders such as Carragenan , psyllium husks, artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients

Thickeners range from flavourless powders to gums, and stabilizers are substances that increase stability and thickness to emulsify the product.

Aspartame and Sucralose – Sucralose or Splenda, are sweeteners that contain no calories. A little research reveals that there may be a risk from consumption of these artificial sweeteners and cancer.

Maltodextrin – Maltodextrin is an artificial sugar that has a mild, sweet taste. It’s also known as a polysaccharide, or chain of sugars, and is created by applying acids or other enzymes to cornstarch..It is used as a thickener, filler or preservative and despite being made from corn, rice , potato start or wheat it is highly processed the consumption of maltodextrin has side effects and health risks similar to most food additives. These include allergic reactions, unexplained weight gain, bloating, distention and flatulence.

Soy Lecithin – This additive is extracted from soybeans and can cause side effects such as nausea, abdominal pain, cramps, a feeling if fullness. According to a study from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, soy lecithin has been linked to negative effects on fertility and reproduction. A study reported by Cornell University observed links to a promotion in the risk of cancer.

Xanthan Gum – Xanthan Gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with a bacteria. Xanthan Gum can be derived from a variety of sources such as corn, wheat, and more. Can cause irritation in the gut for many.


There are so many more ingredients in protein powders and supplements that can wreak havoc on a compromised digestive system and can exacerbate leaky gut, induce hormonal issues in men and women that can lead to infertility. Our bodies were not designed to process chemicals, fillers, artificial additives and thickeners.


In the current times we live, we are seeing a dramatic rise in chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer ,thyroid disease and much more. Be informed with what you are putting in your body and look at all the ingredients in what you purchase.

Our protein powder was created out of frustration as we did not want to compromise our already delicate digestive system, yet we also did not want to give up consuming our protein shakes.


Our protein shakes do not have any added thickeners, filler or additives and is paleo friendly with no pea protein powder in any of our paleo products.


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For more information we were inspired by livestrong and John Hopkins university.