How to feel healthy without the compromise

Mar 17, 2021

Modern society seems to be taking its toll on the idea of getting healthy, as our lives get so busy when it comes even to the smallest of tasks: going to work, maintaining a good social life, taking care of your family, taking care of different errands… and maybe taking care of ourselves. 

Either way, sometimes our health goals just end up not being a priority, because it seems difficult to integrate it into our already busy schedules.

The good part is that there are ways we can keep ourselves healthy without having to compromise and with very little effort. Here are a few tips and tricks to make you feel better and help you complete all your tasks at the same time:

1.       Your plate, your health

To put it into perspective, what you eat does count, as it can either bring you on the edge of deficiency or on the edge of feeling good without too much of an effort. And this is one of the tips that could be seen as really important. Your body needs nutrients and water and how you provide those also matter. Eating more vegetables can help you maintain normal levels of nutrients and fiber and they can also keep you full for hours

Does your sweet tooth make you want to devour a whole bar of chocolate? Fruits might be a good substitute, as they can give you that sugar kick and still give your body that rush of healthy nutrients it needs.

Do you feel like you are constantly tired? Protein is necessary for your muscles and it is also a good source of energy. And the best part about it is that it can be found in a lot of foods!

Of course, these are just a few pieces of advice one could give, as the decision is yours in the end: the way you create your plate will always be according to your preferences and your needs. Pumping your body with too much of a nutrient could do more harm than good, which could prevent it from functioning properly.

2.       Supplement(s) for life

Food is most of the time the preferred approach when it comes to nutritional sources, but as life can get really busy sometimes, it might become hard to maintain a balanced diet.

This is where supplements come in handy: you do not have to worry about food preparation or going shopping when the clock is ticking, as they can offer you your daily dose of nutrients. And the best part about them is that you can always carry them with you, as they won’t take up too much space in your purse. 

That being said though, it is important to underline the fact that even though supplements can help you achieve your body’s nutritional requirements, they should not replace your food, as they just complete what you cannot absorb from food alone. 

3.       Sleep, but don’t sleep on it

Maybe we could all need a 48-hour day instead of a 24-hour one to complete all the tasks we have to deal with. When you are constantly doing something, you sometimes also forget that you need to pull the plug and rest a bit. Sleep is an important part of our lives and it also is an important factor in our health. 

Poor sleep quality can affect us more than we realise, increasing our risk of chronic diseases and making us feel unproductive throughout the day. Even though you might think to yourself that “sleep is for the weak”, it might be a good idea to set yourself a sleeping schedule and stick to it. 

Would you rather get 3 hours of sleep and dream about being in bed throughout the day or would you rather get at least 8 hours of sleep and complete everything on time? Bonus: your skin and your body will thank you!

4.       Movement

Most jobs nowadays require us to sit at a desk for at least 8 hours a day, and after leaving our jobs, we tend to find ourselves jumping on the next train home and instantly throwing ourselves on the bed. 

It’s been a long day, you’d say. Unfortunately, having a busy schedule leaves very little time to exercise, which can become quite problematic. Regularly moving is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But there are ways to overcome the lack of movement: is your workplace within a 15-minute walk distance? This could be a good opportunity to start walking towards your workplace, instead of taking the bus or a cab.

Do you always take the elevator, even if your office is on the second floor? Taking the stairs could also be a good tip, as it helps you exercise and it can also help you avoid the crowds in front of the elevators. 

Not only will your physical health improve, but your mood also. And remember, it is always about taking baby steps and enforcing things in your life slowly: it takes only an average of 66 days to form a new habit.


Being healthy does not have to equal compromise or something complicated that only drains us and makes us feel bad. It’s true, most of us have busy lifestyles which can make the whole concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle a bit challenging, but we can also always find a way around it. 

From supplements to diet and exercise, it can all be done without putting in the effort or feeling like it takes too much time. This is why we want to turn it over to you: do you have any tips and tricks that you consider helpful in a healthy journey? Let us know!