Electrolytes and Collagen: Benefits

Mar 17, 2021

Taking care of your body and living a healthy life is a full-time preoccupation. Knowing what your body needs and nourishing it accordingly could sound rather overwhelming at the beginning, but it only becomes easier as you learn more. Our bodies need certain substances and nutrients in order to perform vital functions, and this article will concentrate on two of them.

In this article, our stars will be electrolytes and collagen, and their benefits. Whether you want to step up your hydration, recharge your body, or simply ensure your skin’s wellbeing, these substances should be on your healthy-living list. Let’s dive right into it.

What Are Electrolytes?

What was the first thing you thought about when you heard about electrolytes?

Chemically, electrolytes are defined as substances that can conduct electricity. Things do not change that much in the human body, as they are present in our bodies as minerals. These minerals can be found in the human blood, tissues, and other body fluids and also have an electric charge.

As an example, sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, and even calcium are all electrolytes, and they can be found in both the foods and fluids we consume, as well as supplements. Fruits and vegetables can also be mentioned as important sources of electrolytes.

Many people associate electrolytes with sports drinks, as they help you replenish any mineral loss you might’ve gone through during a workout. Sports drinks are just one of the many sources of electrolytes.  

The Benefits of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are vital when it comes to normal body functioning. If you’ve ever wondered how our bodies maintain hydration, the answer revolves around electrolytes: they help our bodies maintain normal fluid levels, with the help of potassium and sodium. 

Our nerve cells also rely on the help of electrolytes in order to thrive, since these minerals all carry an electrical charge. Last, but not least, our muscles get to also function properly with the help of these substances.

Depending on each electrolyte, there are certain benefits brought to the table. Overall, though, electrolytes are beneficial for the following:

  • balancing the amount of water found in your body
  • regulating muscle and nerve function
  • keeping blood sugar and blood pressure in a healthy range
  • balancing energy metabolism
  • carrying nutrients into the cells of your body, as well as carrying any waste out of your body’s cells

Of course, these are just a few of the benefits of electrolytes. It is important to keep in mind that replenishing them should be made in accordance with your needs, since overdoing it might cause you even more health issues. 

What is also important to mention here is that electrolytes aren’t something associated only with athletes — we all need them, and a varied diet and proper hydration will ensure normal levels in your system.  

What Is Collagen?

You must’ve heard about collagen in relation to beauty products. But then again, collagen is not something that can magically help your skin transform overnight. By definition, collagen is a protein found in the human body — in our human bones, muscles, and blood as well. This protein is responsible not only for skin elasticity but also for healthy joints.

Collagen is usually produced naturally in the human body by breaking down especially dietary proteins into amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These building blocks can be obtained by consuming foods that contain proteins, for example, chicken, beef, or eggs, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Fruits and vegetables are important for collagen production, as they contain many antioxidants that can protect the body from multiple types of damage that could also affect the levels of collagen. There are also external factors that can make the production of collagen decrease rapidly, such as sun exposure or smoking.

Of course, after reaching a certain age, collagen production tends to drop naturally, even if the person takes proper care of their diet and avoids any damaging factors. And this means that people need to pay more attention to this aspect.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

Skin elasticity is one of the most important benefits of collagen. Whether you’re taking a supplement or increasing your collagen levels naturally, collagen is an important aid in the fight against wrinkles or fine lines. Collagen can also help your skin be more hydrated.

Surprisingly or not, collages can also benefit our bones. Aging affects us all, and not just from the perspective of skin elasticity — our bones can also become more brittle. Collagen is beneficial for bones especially from this perspective: it slows down the aging process and it can also make our bones become denser.

Joint pain is a common problem, and it’s not necessarily the most pleasant. Collagen can help relieve joint pain and get you moving in no time if you are a very active person that is prone to different injuries that are related to exercising.

Our nails and hair also depend on collagen production — while our hair can become thinner, our nails can also break easily. Another benefit of collagen is that it can improve hair texture, and it can also help reduce nail breakage and aid the nail growth process.


There are times when your body needs an external boost in order to get back on track and function properly. And sometimes, these boosts have to come externally, as some substance levels tend to drop as we age, which makes it more difficult for our bodies to produce them naturally. 

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