Carmen and Poppy met in their first year of high school more than 30 years ago and quickly became best friends.

Following school, they kept in touch for many years, but as their family and work commitments grew, sadly saw less and less of each other until they were only getting together on their birthdays.

From 2012 onwards, Carmen watched with amazement as Poppy started dropping weight and looking better and better from one year to the next.

By 2017, Poppy had lost 30 kilograms, and the two girls went to a health seminar together, where their friendship picked up exactly where it justify off, and they soon discovered that they had even more in common than they’d realised.



Meet Carmen and Poppy – the heart, soul and passion behind Primal CORE Australia.


Our products are unique on the market, and your new best friend.

The Game Just Changed…

After searching fruitlessly for a product to meet their own needs, Carmen and Poppy decided to take the bull by the horns and create a new wave of protein powders and collagen supplements that fit neatly into their paleo and primal lifestyles and were specially formulated to be low in allergens and ingredients that tend to aggravate leaky gut syndrome and other health issues.

The result is Primal CORE Australia, an innovative range of paleo- and primal-approved foods that not only taste amazing but also support your health needs and your training and lifestyle goals.

✔ Paleo-friendly
✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Primal-friendly
✔ Dairy and Nut-Free*
✔ Low allergen
✔ Soy-free*
✔ No fillers
✔ Stevia Sweetened
✔ No thickeners


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