We’ve partnered with some amazing organisations to work alongside and as our distributors. You can find a range of our products with each outlet, and as we release new products, there will be tasting events for product launches. Stay tuned, an if you’re interested in joing the Primal Core movement, reach out to us at sales@primalcoreaustralia.com.au to talk about our amazing Partner Program!

Go Vita Bella Vista, NSW

Go Vita Bella Vista is more than a health shop, with a range of products and services including children’s health products, kombucha on tap, nut butter machine, herbal dispensary, naturopathy consultation, nutrition consultations, natural skincare & make up.

Go Vita also has a large range of vegan, paleo, keto and gluten free products.

They even have a seating area where you can enjoy poke bowls, salads, raw cakes, herbal teas and more, making it the perfect place for a quick breakfast or lunch. Go Vita Bella Vista is also a great place to take the kid’s for a healthy afternoon snack, with their delicious Acai soft serve bowls & waffle cones.  Both kids and the kid’s at heart will love them!

The Allergy Centre, ACT

We are a family owned and run health food centre, specialising in gluten free and allergy friendly products. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and extensive product variety. We pack our own seeds, nuts, beans and grains, ensuring high quality and superior freshness.

Our focus is on stocking Australian products, as local as we can, organically produced where possible. We are proudly members of the Coeliac Society Canberra and the Vegan Society Canberra . We offer discounts and specials to those who are members. We have a fully functioning clinic room with Naturopaths consulting with clients daily.  With over 30 years in the Health Food Industry, we are proud of our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers all across Canberra.

Keto Direct – Online Store

My family health records has put me in an at risk category. I have rarely felt 100% in my adult life. The doctors told me I needed tobe careful of my diet and lifestyle to prevent early health risks.  I first heard about Keto/LCHF in 2017 from a health specialist. I thought this was against the grain to conventional diet advices, so I started doing research and even completed a online nutrition course to understand how does food affect our body.

I used to feel under the weather every week due to poor immune system (as doctors advised). Furthermore, I am mother of 2 young boys, I can’t afford to be sick! LCHF/Keto has changed my life! My health is finally back on track. I have the energy to play with my children and get my hectic life in order.

If I see something good I want to spread the word! My husband and I are focused in bringing you an exciting Keto/ LCHF range of products. Whether you’re motivated to lose weight, feel better through good food, fending off health problems, or simply just want to live a healthy lifestyle.


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