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Primal Core

Primal Core Australia is your centre for supplements and beverages that truly enhance performance.

From our Synergy Electrolyte blends and our Collagen Protein Powder to help fuel your workouts and aid in your recovery, through to our Superfood Lattes to enhance your overall health; we’ve got you covered.

Joing the Primal Core Tribe!



Primal Core Australia was created with you in mind. Our unwavering commitment and passion is to provide you with collagen infused supplements designed to help you on your journey to health and wellness.  We believe that this starts from within. 
Many of us have experienced the negative side effects that come with natural and artificial thickeners , fillers and additives. These can be disguised as xanthan gum, acacia fibre and Inulin and have wreaked havoc on us with susceptible and compromised gut.
We believe Every Body deserves high quality concentrated nutrition and we at primal core can assist you in achieving this by providing  you with superior sourced ingredients that will help nourish and repair your body without causing added digestive stress and helping you reach your goals.

Come on this journey to health and wellness and join the Primal Tribe!