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Primal Core

Primal Core Australia is your centre for supplements and beverages that truly enhance performance.

From our Synergy Electrolyte blends and our Collagen Protein Powder to help fuel your workouts and aid in your recovery, through to our Superfood Lattes to enhance your overall health; we’ve got you covered.



Our mission is to offer a truly clean range of collagen supplements for complete health and wellness. 


At Primal Core Australia, we believe you deserve clean, high quality concentrated nutrition to help nourish and repair your body without causing added digestive stress. 

 Our company strives to develop products that help people achieve their nutritional and lifestyle goals, without compromising on quality or damaging their bodies in the process. We have an unwavering commitment and passion to provide our customers with superior collagen-infused supplements to assist their journey to complete health and wellness.  

 And we believe this starts from within.

 That’s why our co-founder and owner, Carmen Minovski, made it her mission to create an effective range of high potency multi-based collagen products that didn’t contain any fillers, thickeners, additives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

“I suffered for many years with digestive issues and thinning hair. After trying various collagen supplements, I felt frustrated because I consistently experienced the same disappointing results – including negative side effects and additional gut disorders. Finding a truly ‘clean’ product was impossible.  Even products that were promoted as ‘clean’ were disguised as xanthan gum, acacia fibre, and inulin – wreaking havoc on my poor gut.  

 In an effort to heal and find relief from my health issues, I developed a range of clean and premium collagen supplements – with no nasties, just pure collagen goodness. 

 While I still have digestive and autoimmune issues, I don’t get the same bloating as I used to get from other supplements. This is because Primal Core products don’t feature xanthan gum and inulin in addition to no additives, thickeners or fillers.

 After experiencing renewed hair growth and a much happier gut, I co-founded Primal Core Australia to help other people transform their health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty goals. Living with improved joint relief and body pain from Fibromyalgia and Persistent Hyperparathyroidism has allowed me to get back to my fitness goals and training.

 I invite you to join me on this journey to health and wellness and join the Primal Tribe!”


Are you ready to get glowing skin, healthy hair, and a healthy gut? 

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Come on this journey to health and wellness and join the Primal Tribe!

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