Collagen Booster Shots

With hydrolysed collagen peptides

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Collagen is a core structural component of connective tissues. It consists of fibres that mesh together in a helix (spiral) formation to bring strength and stability to the tissues it’s found in, which include bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, blood vessels and the gut wall.

Primal CORE Australia’s Collagen Booster Shots is a rich source of collagen and amino acids, including high proportions of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids provide collagen with its characteristic helix-based configuration, which contribute to its ability to create stable structures and tissue. 

At Primal CORE Australia we use type I collagen, which comprises more than 90% of the collagen content in the human body, and is used for the construction of skin, tendons, organs and bone.

Our Collagen Booster Shots contain hydrolysed collagen (also known as collagen hydrolysate), in which the bonds between collagen strands are broken to create tiny protein compounds called peptides.

Due to their extremely low molecular weight, hydrolysed collagen peptides are able to be rapidly absorbed and utilised by the body as building blocks for new collagen tissue and to aid in the repair of damaged tissue.

Choose from pineapple-flavoured Collagen Booster Shots with Blue Majik™, a revolutionary spirulina powder rich in nutrients, including the rare, naturally occurring blue pigment phycocyanin, which has been associated with numerous health benefits or classic vanilla flavour, to which you can add your own flavours as desired – we recommend low glycaemic index (low-GI) fruit, like strawberries.

Both flavours of Collagen Booster Shots create a light, frothy shake that’s easily digested. Just use a blender or shaker to mix one scoopful with water and voila – a delicious collagen-rich drink, without the fuss and bother of boiling bone broth on the stove for hours.

Like all Primal CORE Australia products, Collagen Booster Shots have been specially formulated to meet the needs of paleo and primal lifestyles. It’s free from soy, dairy and gluten*, and does not contain artificial thickeners, additives and fillers, which many people find difficult to digest.

✔ Paleo-friendly
✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Primal-friendly
✔ Dairy and Nut-Free*
✔ Low allergen
 No fillers
✔ Stevia Sweetened
✔ No thickeners

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* NB: Produced in a facility that also processes milk products, soy and nuts