Collagen is an excellent protein source, containing in more protein per calorie than any other sources. It help with improving body composition, joint health, and the ability of your body to self-heal.

Collagen Booster – Ultimate Protein Powder

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Collagen Protein

The Ultimate Guide To Protein

If you’ve been into fitness for at least five minutes, you know the importance of protein. Right? Finding the best protein for you is like going on the quest to return the One Ring. But today’s not a day for slaying orcs. So we’ll keep it short and simple. There are...

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Fibromyalgia – What is it and what can we do about it? How do you explain to someone what it feels like to have Fibromyalgia? How can an outsider have true compassion when they are unable to comprehend what you mean when you say, " My body hurts so bad ". Do you see...

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Collagen – The New Superfood

That’s the new buzzword… The new trend that is here to stay. More consumers are becoming health conscious and taking the initiative to implement dietary and lifestyle changes to lead healthy and active lifestyles. Early intervention does not need to be overwhelming...

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Collagen Protein – Academic Papers

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